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Our company specializes in resolving problems caused by birds in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, both residential and commerical. We handle bird species such as pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparros, and even Canada Geese and woodpeckers. We generally don't kill birds - we prevent them from causing problems. Most commonly, this means that we install barriers that prevent them access to your building or property, or anti-roosting devices that prevent them from landing, nesting, or roosting on your home, store, building, or anywhere. We use netting, needle strips, shock track, and more. We do offer trapping in some cases, and removal of birds from warehouses, grocery stores, or other commerical or industrial buildings by netting or sometimes pellet shooting. We have a wide variety of tools and methods for solving every manner of bird problem. Call us at 954-719-6061 to discuss your bird problem today.



Stop Birds From Accessing Your Space

We stop birds from entering almost any space by installing netting. It is strong and durable, but thin and black so that it is not visually distracting. We can prevent birds from flying or roosting under awnings, roofs, or any other architectural area.



Stop Birds From Landing Or Roosting

We install needle strips or shock track on ledges, beams, the tops of signs, and anywhere birds are roosting and causing unsightly and unhealthy droppings. We can reach any area with our ladders and boom lifts.



We Clean Droppings and Nesting Material

Birds can make a mess with their droppings - on your building, roof, or the ground, or any other area. Sometimes bird guano and nesting material accumulate. We professionally clean and decontaminate the area.

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Don't wait until your house is bird-free, call our company and we will offer you a comprehensive and highly-effective bird control service. One thing unique about bird invasion is that it will happen periodically. They have a very good memory and will return to the same spot as long as the place provides them convenience and safety. Looking for the bird control company that will save you from their threat should not be too hard. We will be making it easy for you by providing you with a free consultation and free inspection. We will not be restricting your decision on an expensive and binding contract. All our services, materials, and products that we will use will come with a warranty and guarantee. If ever there is an issue in-between our services, we will fix it with no extra charges. We can conduct our services any time of the year; we will be providing 24/7 bird removal service, which means that we will remain open on weekends and holidays. What's more, we are the only company that is offering a full bird removal service, whether you need a preventive measure or a clean-up and sanitation service, we are armed with the right people and tools to perform the task successfully.

Who to Call For Pigeons in the Backyard

If you take a peek online for local businesses to help you solve a pigeon-related problem, I don't doubt that you'll be met by hundreds of results. Some websites will suggest repellents. Some will tell you to call in the help of local exterminators. Some have even suggested that local animal control officers can help.

Sadly, none of these methods are safe or effective methods of pigeon removal. In short: they won't work.

Repellents don't keep birds away. If they did, scarecrows would have done their job of not letting birds roost around them. It is actually not uncommon to find birds sitting in scarecrows in the middle of fields and back yards. They CAN work, but don't be surprised if your results are slightly less than successful.

Other deterrents that rely on bad smells or tastes can also come with mixed success, usually leaning more in the direction of uselessness. The thing that you need to remember with repellents and deterrents is that they don't actually physically remove the animal in question. The animal, in this case a pigeon, will simply avoid that particular area that smells or tastes bad. Unless all potential roosting and landing spots are covered in that repellent (and it works effectively with all birds in the pigeon's flock), they will still find a place to roost and will, in turn, still cause damage, potentially spread disease, and reproduce.

DIY methods for pigeons rarely have much success at all if the truth be told, but that doesn't mean the job is an impossible one. You'll just need to know how to do it. Unfortunately, it's a long, time-consuming, and often expensive process … usually made expensive by all the trial-and-error and getting things wrong.

Calling in a professional can make the pigeon removal job a lot faster, and it's often a cheaper way of doing things, too. When the job is completed quickly and efficiently, damage is reduced, the cleanup job is smaller, and life moves on relatively quickly. We have been called to homes that have been trying to get rid of pigeons for three years and more, to no avail. During that time, the homeowners have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on various means to get rid of pigeons, and in the end they gave us a call. Less than a week later and that home was pigeon-free and pigeon-proof.

Who to call for pigeons in the backyard?

There are a number of companies/types of companies who will offer their expertise for this job, but we personally recommend using a wildlife removal specialist, rather than a pest removal specialist. They do the same kind of job, but work with different animals and types of animals, making the methods of removal and cleanup quite different. Pest removal companies usually deal with insects, such as ants, fleas, bees, wasps, etc. Fumigation can help with many of these problems, but you can't use fumigation for birds unless you're doing so on an agricultural scale, for example. Fogging birds away is not common practice for smaller, residential properties.

Exterminators that kill pigeons are usually performing unlawful activity. In pretty much every state, if not every state across the United States, it is unlawful to kill a pigeon. If the outcome of your pigeon removal is death, you have not found yourself a humane approach, nor have you found yourself a legally viable one.

Wildlife specialists are specialists designed to deal with wildlife — not stray or feral animals, not insects, but wild animals, including birds. Some of them will have different specialties over others, but you will find that there are more than likely a number of companies in your local area that will rid you of your problem. These are the people we recommend that you call. Take a peek at the website of that company and it will tell you not only whether or not they deal with the specific animal problem you have, but also the insurances, permits, and other information that you need to know, to put your faith in the right company.

We have the most experience in Fort Lauderdale at understanding the nuisance birds of Florida. Our 7 years of experience in the field ensures excellent results.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bird control work. Our work is professional grade and long lasting, usually for the life of the building.

We are fully Florida licensed. We carry the correct safety equipment, and operate in a safe and professional manner to keep your building and people safe.

Call us at 954-719-6061 to discuss your bird problem and our process. We are always responsive by phone. We can usually schedule next-day appointments, and provide written estimates for all our bird work.